Student Preparedness and Lesson Conduct

  1. Students should arrive approximately 5 minutes before his or her lesson begins to ensure they're relaxed and ready.
  2. Guitar students should tune their guitars before their lesson begins to maximize the time with the teacher. 
  3. Students are responsible for ensuring they have all copies of books, music and supplemental materials with them during their lesson.
  4. Teacher provides lesson and practice notes each week to assist the student in recalling lesson elements and to assign work between lessons.  Students are responsible for bringing prior lesson notes to ensure instruction stays on track.
  5. Daily practice is essential to the student's ability to progress in learning their instrument. Parents are encouraged to established a set period for the student to use as practice time, at least in the initial stages, so that lesson time can be devoted to introducing next concepts and skills, vice reviewing previous instruction.
  6. Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout their lesson and to mark their materials as we work to help them remember our work.
Attendance and Lesson Makeup Policy
  1. Unless otherwise noted on the studio calendar, lessons will be scheduled every week. Advance notification of an absence will ensure that the student will be correctly invoiced
  2. Late arrivals are discouraged. If another lesson is scheduled after the student's agreed time, student's lesson may be shortened to prevent inconveniencing other scheduled students.
  3. Arrivals more than 10 minutes late will be considered a "no show" and are not eligible for lesson credit. As individual circumstances warrant, a makeup may be scheduled. 
  4. Students unable to attend a lesson that is already invoiced must notify teacher at least 24 hours in advance to receive a credit.  Exceptions can be made in the event of illness or special circumstances.
  5. Lessons can be rescheduled if needed to allow for participation in sports, school, church or family activities. Please notify me as soon as possible of known conflicts to allow enough time for rescheduling.
  6. Students who have not arrived within 10 minutes of their scheduled start time will be considered a no-show.  No credit will be received for no-shows, except on a case-by-case basis as approved by the teacher.
  7. No-shows or late cancellations may be offered a make-up session, depending on the teacher's and student's schedules.
  8. On inclement weather days, Teacher will be available as scheduled. However, attendance on these days is at the family's discretion and must account for safety considerations. Families opting to cancel due to inclement weather will receive a credit or a make-up as appropriate.
  9. On inclement weather days, Teacher will generally be available on schedule. However, families have the option of cancelling if travel is not safe.
  10. If Teacher needs to cancel for any reason, families will be offered a makeup time or a credit on the following month's invoice.

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