I'm a 30+ year experienced musician and performer who loves kids of all ages. I can speak personally to the positive influence that being able to make music has had in my life.  I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated Creighton University. I moved to Virginia after graduation and met my husband here.  We have three amazing sons. I'm an Army veteran and am now working for the Marine Corps as an IT Program Manager at Quantico Marine Corps Base.

I took my first piano lesson at age 8 and began playing guitar at about 14 years old. I began accompanying my high school choir in my Junior year, and became a regular guitarist at my church's "folk" Masses (we call them Contemporary now). I've been an active musician with various churches in Prince William County for nearly 20 years as a worship leader, an ensemble musician and vocal soloist. Currently you can find me at St. Francis of Assisi Parish.  Throughout this time I've mentored many youth worship musicians in their vocation to build on their basic skills and enhance their contributions to their groups.  I branched out into teaching privately at a local studio that had an unexpected vacancy, then opened my own studio in my home in 2016.  My time with my students is some of my favorite times during the week.

I call my business "Lifesongs" because of the power music has in everyone's lives.  As toddlers we learned the alphabet with the "ABC" song.  Many of us parents learned the Preamble to the Constitution through "America Rock" on Saturday mornings. Music plays a huge role in most worship settings and through it we learn prayers, Psalms and creed.  Music can help us cry, tell someone we love them (or not wink), make us laugh, or make us think. If you watch the video at this link you'll see both testimony and healing of a young woman who showed bullies through her music that she wouldn't be kept down.

You don't need to be a Pop or Rock Star to have music fill your life in many ways.  My goal is to share my own love and passion for music with my students so that they can be enriched as I have been.  

Music is powerful.  Music is life.